PADI Adventures in Diving & Advanced Open Water...The Adventure Continues!

The PADI Adventures in Diving programme has several course options depending on your experience, confidence and what you want from your diving! This PADI programme is based around PADI Adventure Dives; single dives that give a diver the opportunity to experience a new speciality area of diving. Adventure Dives might include a Deep Dive to take you to 30m, Wreck Dive, Night Dive or Drysuit Dive. These are just a few of the Adventure Dives that PADI has on offer through Plymouth Diving Centre. This programme provides the opportunity to develop your skills and increase your diving experiences beyond the level of Open Water Diver. Whether you want to dive at night, explore shipwrecks or take photographs of a reef, this programme has something for everyone!

The PADI Adventures in Diving Programme has two course/certification options:

 PADI Adventure Diver Course: 

The PADI Adventure Diver course combines any three of the Adventure Dives to produce a diver with experiences in three speciality areas. This course is usually suited to divers who do not want to do the mandatory Deep Dive for the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or who do not have the time or feel they have the experience to complete five Adventure Dives.

Cost: £75 per dive + £40 crewpack

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course:

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (often referred to as the PADI Advanced) is the next stage for most PADI Open Water Divers. Once qualified you will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 30m (or the depth you get experience to during your course). The course enables you to experience five new Adventure Dives which will include the PADI Deep Adventure Dive and the PADI Underwater Navigator Adventure Dive along with three additional dives.

As ever at Plymouth Diving Centre we have a variety of options that reflect the flexible nature of all PADI training courses and all courses include our highly praised voucher booklets that encourage you to continue diving by offering massive discounts on dives and specialist diving equipment!

Cost:  £299

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