Dive Site Name: HMT Abelard (aka The Breakwater Wreck) Dive Type: Wreck Dive       

Max Depth Seabed: 13m       Depth to top of Wreck: 10m  

Approximate Position: 50.19.53N 04.08.27W 

Tonnage: 187tonnes     Length:  111ft      Cargo: 

Date Lost: 24/12/1916      How Lost: Hit a mine on Christmas eve

Minimum Qualification: PADI Open Water (or equivalent)


Built in 1909 by Smith's Docking Company of North Shields for a company in Milford, the Abelard was a steam trawler of all steel construction. At the outbreak of war in 1914, she was requistioned by the Royal Navy and undertook general minesweeping duties. She was lost on the breakwater on Christmas Eve 1916. The exact cause is unknown but it is thought that she struck a mine and that her cremembers made it to safety.

This old steam trawler which had been converted into a mine sweeper now sits at 13m on a sandy bottom, with her bow facing out to sea. The wreck is quite broken up but not widely scattered. With care you can penetrate the boiler that stands about 5m high for about 1m but is quite confined & usually occupied by a few Wrasse. Behind the boiler sits the remains of the engine room and the huge iron propeller almost buried in the sand.

The whole site is scattered with objects: the remains of winches, broken derricks, bollards, large deck cleats & the ribs.Around the wreck you may well spot Sponges, Lobsters, large Spider Crabs, Cuttlefish, Dogfish, various Wrasse and Pollack. Due to its depth there is plenty of time to explore all the nooks and crannies.


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