Type: Reef           

Max Depth Seabed: 28m   Depth to top of Reef gullies: 10

Minimum Qualification: Advanced Open Water

An excellent reef dive usually starting with a pinnacle at 8m leading to deep gullies and then shelving off steeply down to a maximum of 25m. This site offers excellent photographic opportunities due to the nature of the topography and marine life.

There are Sea Fans, Ross Coral and Jewel anemones throughout the area; plenty of dogfish and you can sometimes find lobsters and crab. Dependant upon the tide, the dive usually ends in a drift type dive as the currents can still be felt at depth.

Always use an SMB on this site and it is essential each diver carries one in case of diver separation, though we’ll leave it to you to organise who gets the ‘short straw’ in the buddy pair!

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