Type: Wreck            Tonnage:      Length: 108ft        Cargo:

Date Lost: November 1940      How Lost:  Mined just outside Plymouth Sound

Max Depth Seabed: 32m     Depth to top of Wreck: 28m

Minimum Qualification: Deep Speciality (or equivalent)

The Elk is a small trawler and for most of her life she was a fishing vessel. She was built at Hull in 1902 and until the 1st World War fished from Grimsby. In 1915 she was requisitioned as a minelayer and saw service off the Dardanelles.

The Elk was discovered in 1981, She lies upright on the Elk Reef at a depth of 32m on a sandy bottom. Being small, she is easily dived and her cabin is a notably intact feature. She has suffered in recent years, and is now in a poor condition however you can easily dive the entire length of the wreck and get an appreciation of what she was like. The surrounding reef is excellent with a variety of marine life to see, surrounding her are artillery shells and other naval debris.

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