Type: Wreck            Tonnage: 12,350 tonnes    Length: 550ft       Cargo:

Date Lost:       How Lost: Torpedoed by Oberleutnant Bieber's UB-31

Max Depth Seabed: 64m                Depth to top of Wreck: 52m

Minimum Qualification:    

The Medina was a 12,350 ton P & O liner and had served her time as a royal yacht. She was on her way back from Sydney when she was attacked and sunk by Oberleutnant Bieber's UB-31. The torpedo hit the rear of the engine room, disabling the big liner and sealing her fate. Fortunately, the Medina had put most of her passengers ashore in Plymouth, and in less than an hour she was abandoned. Six engine room crew were killed in the initial explosion, and they were the only casualties

She lies 4 miles off Start Point, upright and very proud on the seabed, with about a 10-15 degree list to port.

The highest part of this area of the Medina is the bridge. Down each side of the bridge are the passengers covered walkways all very accessible. From the starboard side walkway there are hatches allowing access down into the wreck.

Forward of the bridge is the cargo-hold. Several decks are visible going down inside the wreck here. Further forward there are winches, and derrick cranes still standing proud. At the bow the port anchor can be seen protruding out from the hull below you.

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