Type: Wreck            Tonnage: 1166 tonnes    Length: 273ft       Cargo: Ammunition

Date Lost: 26th November 1940       How Lost: Torpedoed by German aircraft

Max Depth Seabed: 55m                Depth to top of Wreck:

Minimum Qualification:    

The Medoc was a French cargo ship and seized by the British in Aboukir when France finally fell to Germany in the early years of WW2. The decision was taken by Churchill to prevent the French shipping assets and Navy falling into the hands of the Nazis.

The Medoc was 273 feet long, 34 feet wide with a displacement of 1166 tons and loaded with ammunition when she approached the area of the Eddystone on the afternoon of 26 November 1940. The Medoc was attacked with machine gun fire by a German aircraft, which she survived, only for the aircraft to return later in the afternoon to torpedo her. The Medoc sank so quickly that all thirty-nine of her crew died with her. Until 1984 she was known only as the Halfway wreck until the recovered binnacle helped identify her as the Medoc.

The Medoc lies more or less upright in 55m of water and she has a small bridge situated towards the rear that you can swim through. Towards the bows is a forward hold that used to be full of shell cases. Watch out for the fishing line and hooks, which have been left behind from the fishermen who love to fish this wreck. Visibility is usually quite good and there is plenty to see. The bridge is still pretty intact.

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