Type: Wreck            Tonnage:            Length: 230ft       Cargo:

Date Lost: 26th December 1917       How Lost: Torpedoed 

Max Depth Seabed: 47m                Depth to top of Wreck: 42m

Minimum Qualification:    

The Skaala was a 230ft Norwegian steamer; she was torpedoed on December 26th 1917 while carrying coal from Port Talbot to Rouen. She was 230 ft long and 35 ft wide.

The wreck lies upright with a slight list to port and she is about 5 metres proud of a coarse sand seabed at 47m (155ft). Her superstructure is collapsing around the engine room. Visibility is usually good although care must be taken of tides. There are lots of heavy coal briquettes in her holds.

The counter-stern of the Skaala still has a propeller and rudder. On the seabed at this position is some collapsed wreckage and a small admiralty pattern anchor. Towards the superstructure, you reach the torpedo hole on the starboard side and can swim up the bridge deck, which is collapsing into the hole; a hatch on the starboard side allows a limited view below.


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