TDC Online Forums are now operating as well as the Gallery.....!!

The New Teign Diving Centre Online is continuously being developed, moreso now we are moving into the wet and windy winter months!

We have now launched some new services online that we hope you all will enjoy:

Registration: You are now able to set up a user account purely for the website, this is not affected by your membership of the Centre, and is a free service to everyone. by having an account you are able to access forums and the gallery and contribute!

Forums: The Forums are now live, to use them you must be logged on and therefore registered! We will be making member forums available in the near future as well as Pro level discussion boards and other member news....... it just takes time! The forums are supported by Teign Diving Centre and will be monitored so please do not abuse them! so log in and have a play!!

Galleries: The dive club gallery is also live, anyone can look at the gallery however only logged in users may post to the gallery. We plan to make this a member only benefit to actually post your images however it is taking time to sort that one! The images posted will be vetted so there will be a delay in posting and going live....... just for common sense safety!!

So let us know what other features you feel that we need and we will try and conform! hope your all enjoying the site and lets work on it together!


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