Technical diving, scuba diving?s ?extreme? sport.

Technical diving takes experienced and qualified divers deeper than recreational diving and is therefore defined as ?diving other than conventional commercial or research diving that takes divers beyond recreational scuba diving limits?.  Technical diving also requires more equipment and training in order to manage the additional hazards that this type of diving entails.

Tec diving offers those individuals a chance to visits underwater places that relatively few people can, in respects to recreational diving.  There are a number of amazing wrecks that lie below 40m that remain untouched as well as deep reefs that provide a habitat to many marine organisms that you simply don?t find in shallow reefs.  Whether you enjoy the focus or challenge of Tec diving or being involved with cutting edge technologies, it is these reasons that people find Tec diving rewarding.

The PADI TecRec Program

The PADI TecRec programmes are integrated into an instructionally valid and seamless course flow that takes you from the beginning of Tec diving to someone who is qualified to use a number of different gas mixes.  At each level you will be introduced to new gear as well as planning and procedures that are appropriate to extend you diving limits.  The Tec Diver program is broken down into three sub courses: Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50, these courses can be completed continuously or alternatively each course can be completed separately with a time span between them.


TecRec prerequisites vary (see individual course descriptions), but the following applies to anyone interested in technical diving: You must be

? 18 years or older
? A mature, responsible person who will follow the required procedures and requirements strictly and faithfully
? Medically fit for Tec diving (physician?s signature required)
? Willing to accept the added risks that Tec diving presents
? An experienced diver with at least 100 logged dives
? Certified as a PADI Enriched Air Diver and PADI Deep Diver or equivalent (for this program equivalency is proof of training in recreational deep diving 18 meters/60 feet to 40 meters/130 feet consisting of at least four dives and training in nitrogen narcosis considerations, contingency/emergency decompression, making safety stops and air supply management OR, have a minimum of 20 logged dives deeper than 30 meters/100 feet.)

PADI Tec Trimix 65
PADI Tec 50
PADI Tec 45
PADI Tec 40

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