The Diving Centre Air, Nitrox, Trimix Oxygen and Gas Prices!

As part of The Diving Centre, Plymouth Diving Centre has access to Teign Diving Centre; one of the only Technical diving facilities in the South West offering a full range of training, dives and gas all in house!! We have Air to 300bar available and Nitrox can be mixed to any percentage with all our staff trained to blend both Nitrox and Trimix. Our prices for all gases are clealry shown below and you will see that members of our club can benefit from some great prices on Air, Nitrox and Trimix. Although there maybe a wait for mixes of Nitrox and Trimix this is only so we can ensure correct mixes.
If you would like to arrange a fill for an upcoming dive or have any queries about our prices then please call or email us!

The Diving Centre Air & Gas Prices

Air / Gas Description Member Non Member 
Air (Up to 232 bar) £1.50 £3.00
Air (Over 232 bar, up to 300 bar) £2.50 £5.00
Air Pony (232 bar up to 3lt) £1.00 £2.00
Air Pony (Over 232 bar up to 3lt) £4.00 £5.00

Nitrox Fills

232 Bar 300 Bar
Mix %O2 Up to12lt cylinder 15 lt cylinder Mix %O2 7 lt cylinder 12ltcylinder
Memb Non Memb Memb Non Memb Memb Non Memb Memb Non Memb
≤32% £4.50 £5.50 £5.00 £6.00 ≤32% £5.50 £7.00 £6.50 £8.00
≤36% £5.50 £6.50 £6.50 £7.50 ≤36% £6.50 £8.00 £7.50 £9.00
≤40% £6.50 £7.50 £7.50 £8.50 ≤40% £7.50 £9.00 £8.50 £10.00

Decompression Cylinders and Trimix

Gas Description Member Non Member
Nitrox 7lt Stage Cylinder 40% - 65% £9.00 £12.00
Nitrox 7lt Stage Cylinder 65% - 80% £10.50 £13.50
Nitrox 10lt Stage Cylinder 40% - 65% £12.00 £15.00
Nitrox 10lt Stage Cylinder 65% - 80% £13.50 £16.00
Oxygen fill CCR 3lt Pony (150 – 200 bar) £6.00 £8.50

Trimix (Helium and Oxygen charged as below plus cost of air fill)

Helium 2.5p/lt @1atm 3p/lt @1atm
Oxygen 1p/lt @1atm 1.5p/lt @1atm

Gas Tickets (For members only, only valid whilst membership is valid)

10 Air Fills to 232 bar £10.00
10 Nitrox Fills ≤32% @232 bar £40.00

All air at Teign Diving Centre is aditionally filtered to exceed the requirements of EN12021 and meet the requirements of Oxygen Compatible Air; CO2 <500ppm, CO <2ppm, Oil <0.1mg/m3. Our Air is tested every 3 months independantly and a certificate is posted in the centre and available for inspection on request.

N.B Any mixes will need to be signed for and a suitable certification shown. Any gas that is mixed but not taken will be charged for.


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