The Diving Centre Regulator Servicing for All Manufacturers!

As the largest PADI Diving Centre in the South West, Teign Diving Centre offers a complete Regulator Servicing package. The Centre is a supplier of most major brands including Scubapro, Mares, Apeks, Aqualung, Atomic, TUSA, Sherwood and Poseidon, and as such we are able to offer complete regulator servicing and repairs at our workshops in Teignmouth. We also have agreements with other technical support centre's to enable us to have virtually all brands of regulator serviced at competitive rates!!

Servicing can be arranged via mail order as well as dropping equipment into either our Teignmouth or Plymouth Centres. Our general policy is for 2 weeks turn around subject to parts and the state of the equipment!

The Diving Centre Equipment Servicing Prices


All prices exclude carriage where carriage is appropriate unless otherwise stated.

Member Price

Non Member Price

Regulator Service, (1st, 2nd stage & Octo) Excludes Parts. *    ?35.00 ?40.00
Stage Regulator Service, (1st,2nd stage no Octo) Excludes Parts. ?30.00 ?35.00
O2 Cleaning for 100%, with service, Excludes Parts. +?5.00 +?10.00
BCD Service, Excludes Parts. ?20.00 ?25.00
Equipment repairs, not annual service, Excludes Parts, Per hour rate (Min 1/2hr)  ?30.00 ?35.00

Cylinder Testing

Hydrostatic Test inc. Valve Service & Std Valve Parts. Excludes additional work and parts. ?34.50 ?39.50
Visual Test inc. Valve Service & Std Valve Parts. Excludes additional work and parts. ?29.50 ?34.50
Hydrostatic Test & O2 Clean, Excludes additional work and parts. ?44.50 ?49.50
Visual Test & O2 Clean, Excludes additional work  and parts. ?36.50 ?39.50
Additional Aluminium EDDY Test ?19.50 ?22.50
Internal Shot Blast ?17.50 ?22.50
External Shot Blast ?17.50 ?22.50
Zinc Spray ?29.50 ?34.50
Cylinder Painting 1 Colour ?25.00 ?30.00
Cylinder Painting1 Colour + Black & White ? neck ?35.00 ?40.00
Cylinder Painting Black & White ? neck ?20.00 25.00
O2 Cleaning without tests, Includes Stickers, Excludes Parts ?23.50 28.50
Cylinder Valve Service, Excludes Parts. ?12.50 ?15.00
Twinset Assembly/Disassembly Charge ?15.00 ?20.00
Cylinder Valve Replacement, Excludes Parts. ?15.00 ?20.00
Cylinder neck O Ring Replacement, Excludes Parts. ?15.00 ?20.00
Breathing Air Cylinder Wraps ?3.50 ?5.00
EANx Cylinder wrap, Small ?3.50 ?5.00
EANx Cylinder Wrap, Large ?3.50 ?5.00

N.B All Cylinder Work Includes An Air Fill Free!!

Carriage Charges, Where not included. ?15.00 ?17.50
Handling Charges, For Quotations & Estimates, Per Item, Free if work carried out by us. ?15.00 ?20.00

 Prices are subject to change, please confirm prices with the Centre prior to having equipment serviced.

 *Please note that for Poseidon and Ocenaic Regulators the service charge is +?5.00


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